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Sharp is an Ethiopian video production company dedicated in serving diverse entities with its expertise nationwide. We have developed a great track record of presenting with high caliber proficiency for over 19 years. We deliver different productions of the highest quality using the digital technology. In order to do so it has been registered with the Ministry of Trade and Industry to render the respective service of videography.


Our company is established in 1994 G.C by undertaking the production of events. Then it diversified its portfolio by getting into documentary film preparation as well as big screen feature films and television commercials. It is now at a stage where it produce high quality items using the digital technology.


The company is structured to contain a Production Department which has well experienced crew of cameramen & assistants who handle  field shooting of events, films, and other activities; a Post – Production Department which is staffed with  Senior editors that under takes image editing, sub-titling and related fine-tuning works using the latest computers and software; Script writers, narrators and advisors that work on ‘as needed basis’ and a financial and administration department that undertakes personnel and administrative chores.


We have a well suited production environment with uptodate hardwares and analogues softwares appropriate for a television programs which is turning many companies and organizatins for our quality and dynamicity which is our intrinsic business approch. In order to meet the challenges of producing quality picture and sound during production and postproduction, the company is now furnished with digital cameras capable of recording up to 4K standard, non-linear editing system working on Avid Media composer and Final Cut Pro, liner editing system capable to switch four sources during live event recording and high performance workstations. 

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